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FREE DOWNLOAD: Last Words from Texas (2011)

Eight songs setting to music the last statements (verbatim) of executed offenders put to death by the state of Texas.  This 18-minute EP was released as a free download on May 1st, 2011, as part of a New York Times profile of Corey

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Corey Dargel does vocals, all instruments, and production
music ©2011 Automatic Heartbreak (ASCAP), text taken from the public record

1. Date of Execution May 13 2010 (2’03”)
2. Date of Execution May 04 2006 (2’28”)
3. Date of Execution December 15 1993 (2’29”)
4. Date of Execution February 11 2004 (1’09”)
5. Date of Execution July 11 2006 (2’23”)
6. Date of Execution October 28 1997 (2’22”)
7. Date of Execution May 19 2010 (2’43”)
8. Date of Execution June 26 2007 (2’14”)