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Interview on KALW San Francisco’s “Then & Now” with Sarah Cahill

Sarah Cahill is a pianist and music critic whose radio program was named “One of the Hundred Best Things in the Bay Area” by Citysearch online magazine. Sarah’s KALW program, called “Then & Now,” focuses on the relationships between classical music and new music, encompassing interviews with musicians and composers, historical performances, and exciting recordings […]

Corey’s Interview with MikeyPod

The always enjoyable MikeyPod podcast recently featured a full episode devoted to Corey’s album Someone Will Take Care of Me and an extended conversation with Corey and host Michael Harren.  Stream the episode here or (better

Frank J. Oteri on Someone Will Take Care of Me

Frank J. Oteri writes about Corey’s new album Someone Will Take Care of Me at New Music Box: For nearly a decade Corey Dargel has been making extraordinarily weird musical concepts sound natural and almost mainstream by packaging them as popular songs. Irregular meters and phrases, totalist polyrhythms, and unstable harmonic movement are commonplace throughout his […]

REMOVABLE PARTS the “absolute highlight” of Opera Grows in Brooklyn

Parterre Box praised Corey Dargel’s Removable Parts, calling it the “absolute highlight” of the Opera Grows in Brooklyn concert on July 9th, 2010 at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn, NY: The absolute highlight of the evening for me was an amazing work about love and voluntary amputation.  Composer and singer/songwriter Corey Dargel and pianist Kathleen Supové presented their […]

Interview with Jayson Greene & Album Review by John Schaefer on

On the occasion of the release of his new album, Someone Will Take Care of Me, Corey Dargel recently sat down with eMusic’s Jayson Greene to discuss a few of his own songs as well as a head-spinningly diverse “Jukebox Jury” that makes stop-offs at Gary Numan, Magnetic Fields, Xiu Xiu, and Lotte Lenya. You can read the full interview […]

The Official iTunes Review of “Someone Will Take Care of Me”

Here is the official review of Someone Will Take Care of Me from the iTunes Store.  Click here to open in iTunes. In the 21st century the line that separates classical and pop continues to blur. How different are, say, Nico Muhly and the Dirty Projectors? Or Sufjan Stevens and the vocalist/composer Corey Dargel, who […]

Interview on the Naxos blog

Go here for the full interview. Corey Dargel is known for his sweet yet psychologically complex electro-pop songs, exemplified by his previous albums Other People’s Love Songs and Less Famous Than You. For his upcoming double-CD album,Someone Will Take Care of Me, Dargel delves deeper into the darker realms of the psyche, and he utilizes acoustic instruments for […]

Interview with Andrew Patner on WFMT Chicago

On March 22, 2010, Corey was Andrew Patner‘s guest for the full hour of Patner’s radio show Critical Thinking on WFMT Chicago.  The episode features the very first broadcast of full songs from the forthcoming album, Someone Will Take Care of Me (out May 25). You can find the show’s feed/podcast here & the official WFMT show site here.  The […]