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Corey on NPR’s Weekend Edition

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Weekend Edition Saturday, November 1, 2008 – For his new album, Other People’s Love Songs, Corey Dargel wrote 13 personalized songs on commission for couples of all configurations: Husbands and wives, siblings, and friends.

When crafting the songs, Dargel says, “I tried to find the things about love that are a little bit quirky. I didn’t want to treat love and intimacy as profound and paralyzing emotions, so I looked for ordinary things that make us fall in love with each other.”

To find couples to write about, Dargel advertised the project on his Web site. “That’s all I did,” he says.

Dargel sat down and interviewed each couple before writing their specific song.

“I have boilerplate questions for each couple,” he says, “which are things like, ‘How did you meet?’ and ‘What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done together?’ And those questions then opened up the door for the subjects to lead me in whatever direction they wanted to go.”