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Interview with Andrew Patner on WFMT Chicago


On March 22, 2010, Corey was Andrew Patner‘s guest for the full hour of Patner’s radio show Critical Thinking on WFMT Chicago.  The episode features the very first broadcast of full songs from the forthcoming album, Someone Will Take Care of Me (out May 25).

You can find the show’s feed/podcast here & the official WFMT show site here.  The episode featuring Corey is dated 03/22/2010

Andrew Patner (pictured) is the classical music critic for the Chicago Sun-Times; a Critic-at-Large with 98.7WFMT Radio Chicago and; and the author of I.F. Stone: A Portrait(Pantheon, 1988; Anchor pb, 1990)

Click the play button below to stream the full episode.