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AUDIO: Move to Vermont [how to legally dissolve a civil union]

Before there were gay-marriages, there were civil unions. Here’s a song from 2005, based on a true story.

Move to Vermont


We drove for miles
To have our wedding
In the springtime
In the Green Mountain State
In a quiet church
In the quiet town of Redding
I’d have gotten you pregnant that night
If only I could procreate

I don’t know anymore
What it is that you want
Your kisses while still delicious
Are very rare and often forced
To get a civil union
All we did was drive to Vermont
But we’ll have to move to Vermont
To get a divorce

I’ll start a bogus non-profit
In Burlington
For six long months
I’ll pretend there’s work to do
I’ll be in the business
Of serving no one
I’ve had plenty of practice at that
With you