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Baltimore City Paper on Corey Dargel

Lee Gardner at Baltimore’s City Paper writes about Corey’s music as a preview of the October 6th Mobtown Modern Concert Series performance:

Corey Dargel is a composer, but not the bust-on-a-baby-grand kind, or even the check-out-my-requiem-for-two-zithers-and-a-dehumidifier kind. First of all, he specializes in songs (art songs, if you must), and not only that, he sings them himself too. And his songs are about, say, hypochondria, or they’re written to order as gifts from one significant other to the, uh, other, and they neatly manage to avoid that whole po-faced art-song thing. Further demonstrating that contemporary music isn’t just what you assume it is, the Mobtown Modern concert series welcomes Dargel to the Windup Space tonight for a performance of bits from his Removable Parts (a theater piece about body integrity identity disorder, aka people who want to cut off their own limbs) as well as selections from Every Day Is the Same (songs about clinical depression). Fun.

Here’s the link to the write-up on City Paper’s site.