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Corey Dargel’s “OK It’s Not OK” Featured on Rhapsody


“New York’s New Art Songs: From Post-Punk to Post-Classical.”  A playlist and essay for Rhapsody, by music critic Seth Colter Walls.  To read the essay and check out the playlist, go here. Here is a paragraph excerpt that mentions my work in particular: …From post-punk sounds to post-classical construction — that’s the legacy of New […]

Corey Dargel’s Work Featured in Two Music History Textbooks


Mark Evan Bonds is the author of A History of Music in Western Culture and Listen to This.  He is also the Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A History of Music in Western Culture is the more academic of the two books.  It is written for […]

John Halle’s “Outrages & Interludes” Features Corey Dargel as a Performer


Corey is featured as narrator and vocalist in two tracks, “Full Spectrum Dominance” and “Homage,” from John Halle’s album Outrages & Interludes (Purchase/Listen/Read More at Innova).  Here is a track listing followed by more info about the album and John Halle: 1. PPS-23 (Le Train Bleu, Lucy Dhegrae soprano) 2. Full Spectrum Dominance (Ensemble IOU, […]

FLATT Magazine Book 4 features Karole Armitage, Corey Dargel, and Doug Fitch


Alongside interviews with Janelle Monáe, Cyndi Lauper, DJ Spooky, and others, the collaborative team behind the forthcoming FABLES ON GLOBAL WARMING — Karole Armitage, Corey Dargel, and Doug Fitch (pictured below) — is interviewed for Book 4 of FLATT magazine. Photo credit: Christina Lessa

Dargel’s “THE THREE CHRISTS” receives a 2013 Creative Capital Award in Performing Arts


  The Three Christs is a 90-minute music-theater piece by composer/lyricist Corey Dargel inspired by true stories of people who believe they are Jesus Christ. It takes a sideways look at the concept of fundamental beliefs. The Three Christs distorts and transforms real-life case studies of psychiatric patients with Messianic delusions by incorporating Christian gay-rehabilitation therapy sessions, visions of […]

Matthew Guerrieri, contributor to the Boston Globe, reviews “Thirteen Near-Death Experiences” for New Music Box


Matthew Guerrieri writes an insightful review of the September 30th, 2012, performance of Thirteen Near-Death Experiences as well as Elliott Carter’s Triple Duo and Eric Nathan’s Walls of Light.  Here’s the full text, but be sure to support New Music Box by reading the article there. New England’s Prospect: Talking Cures By Matthew Guerrieri on […]

“Corey Dargel: The Challenges of Empathy” in the April 2012 issue of New Music Box


Composer, singer, songwriter Corey Dargel is featured in the cover story of this month’s New Music Box.  Here he is in conversation with Frank J. Oteri, published April 01, 2012 All of Corey Dargel’s output could potentially appeal to an extremely broad audience, even his most outré experiments in empathy. At the same time, his […]

New Song, “Mr. No Regrets,” Available in ESOPUS Magazine


Corey was invited by the twice-yearly arts magazine, ESOPUS, to contribute an exclusive new song, “Mr. No Regrets,” for the magazine’s compilation CD, “Fear Itself,” included in Issue #17.  For this CD, each artist contributed an original song based on readers’ submissions about their idiosyncratic, irrational fears.  You can preview Issue #17 as well as […]