Other People’s Love Songs

other people's love songs album cover

Other People’s Love Songs is based on an earnest and sentimental concept: All thirteen songs were commissioned by individuals as gifts to their significant others. Corey Dargel – composer, lyricist, and singer – interviewed the commissioners about their histories, personalities, quirks, private jokes, and emotional lives. He spun this tender data into music and lyrics that encompass a wide range of feelings. The real-life subjects of these songs range from celebrities to the “couple next door.” Newlyweds, long-marrieds, queer couples, siblings, daughters, mothers, and others stepped forward to commission these songs. At times, the results are almost voyeuristic in their intimacy.

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  1. My Voice Is in Your Head (for Katie from Teresa)
  2. Berkeley California (for Honor from Da)
  3. Your Secret’s Safe (for Ansel from Eve)
  4. Had I Jumped (for Anne from Kurt)
  5. All Other Sounds (for Brian from Molly)
  6. The Men We Used to Be (for Paul from Jack)
  7. Magnetically Elusive (for Moe from Eric)
  8. Hurry Up and Settle Down (for Damon from Jenn)
  9. Seagulls (for CJ from Karen)
  10. Lullaby (for 45x from Rachel)
  11. Five of a Kind (for Carl from Kristin)
  12. Summer of Love (for Maile from Jeff)
  13. Six Point Five Billion People (for Catherine from Phil)

Words and Music: Corey Dargel
Instruments and Vocals: Corey Dargel
Recording and mixing: Corey Dargel
Mastering: Tom Rogers at Atomix, Los Angeles
Artwork: Marisol Limon Martinez