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“There’s Nothing There” Music Video with Doug Fitch

PopMatters and OUT Magazine have premiered Corey Dargel’s and Doug Fitch’s music video of 2015’s “There’s Nothing There,” a song from Corey’s new album OK It’s Not OK (New Amsterdam Records)  [Corey Dargel, vocals and drum machines; James Moore, electric guitar; Eleonore Oppenheim, electric bass; and Wil Smith, keyboards; words and music by Corey Dargel © 2015 Automatic […]

AUDIO: Steve Parker Performs “Everyone But Jones”

Steve Parker, trombone and live delay; Corey Dargel, composer and playback In 1978, after the Jonestown mass suicide, investigators discovered a cassette tape that the cult members recorded as they were preparing to die. Much of this tape consists of Jim Jones’s preaching, but there are also other people’s testimonies, instructions, microphone noises, strange jump-cut […]

AUDIO: Last Words from Texas

Eight songs setting to music the last statements (verbatim) of executed offenders put to death by the state of Texas. This 18-minute EP was released as a free download on May 1st, 2011, as part of a New York Times profile of Corey Download the Complete Album (zip) Corey Dargel does vocals, all instruments, and […]

VIDEO: “All Other Sounds (for Brian from Molly)”

VIDEO: “Fingers” from Removable Parts

Fingers from REMOVABLE PARTS featuring Corey Dargel and Kathleen Supovédirected by Emma Griffinvideo by Kamala Sankaram available on Corey Dargel’s album Someone Will Take Care of Me

VIDEO: “The Opposite of Love” from Every Day Is the Same Day

“The Opposite of Love” from Every Day Is the Same Day featuring Corey Dargel (vocals) and Todd Reynolds (violin and digital looping); presented by the Walker Art Center, the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and Kate Nordstrum Projects, on November 9 and 10, 2011, in St. Paul, MN.

VIDEO: “Big Lake” with choreographer Scott Heron

“Big Lake” – a film by Tomas Little with dance by Scott Heron and music by Corey Dargel. Filmed in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina. Scored in New York City after Hurricane Katrina.  Corey’s ticket to New Orleans was cancelled. “Nothing good will come out of flying to New Orleans today,” the airline said. The […]

AUDIO: “We Love You for Who You Are”

False Comfort Image

for voice and pipe organ performed by Corey Dargel (vocals) and Wil Smith (organ) part of a set of songs for voice and pipe organ called False Comfort to be recorded and released some time in the future… [audio: | title=We Love You for Who You Are]