OK It’s Not OK

OK It's Not OK album cover

Format: Album (CD & digital)
Label: New Amsterdam Records

mostly upbeat songs about clinical depression, disaster fantasies, and holding yourself together

  1. There’s Nothing There
  2. The Opposite Of Love
  3. Do You Have Any Reactions At All
  4. Until She Doesn’t
  5. The Saddest Excuses
  6. On This Date Every Year
  7. No Feelings Grown-Up Enough
  8. Slow Down
  9. Your Discompassionate Arms
  10. Impression Of Me
  11. I Will Only Get Well
  12. Your Profound Self-Doubt
  13. Upside Down
  14. Surely I Can Rebuild You

words and music by Corey Dargel

performed by
Corey Dargel – vocals, synths, drum machines
Cornelius Dufallo – violin and digital looping
James Moore – electric guitar and classical guitar
Eleonore Oppenheim – electric bass
Wil Smith – keyboards

album artwork drawn by Doug Fitch
design by Yvan Greenberg